Job Vacancies

A strong team is key to delivering a great product and customer experience at Sunnyfields. If one of the jobs below takes your interest and you are passionate about food and customer service, then we would be very pleased to hear from you.


Flexible work

At Sunnyfields Farm, food with provenance is at the heart of what we do; growing, processing and retailing. Sunnyfields Farm is looking for some additional team members for the summer to support with a variety of projects/tasks from picking fruit and veg to building and maintenance. We are open to all applications regarding hours and days so please reach out if you have plenty of energy, have some practical skills and like to get stuck in.

The rate of pay would be in line with the National Living Wage and the minimum age would be 18.

If you are interested in the role, please email your CV to with the subject line of 'Field', ensuring the answers to the below questions are either in your CV or the body of the email:

1)           Name, address and other contact details
2)           Previous job experience
3)           What particular skills you have that could suit working at Sunnyfields Farm
4)           What interests and hobbies you have
5)           What days of the week and hours you could be available
6)           How long you could be available for, such as the whole summer, just a month or maybe you don’t know which is fine
7)           The work on a farm can be a little hard at times – you need to be physically – are you fit enough?

Artisan Producers

At Sunnyfields Farm, food with provenance is at the heart of what we do; growing, processing and retailing. As people are at the heart of any organisation, we are always open to hearing from skilled artisan producers with passion and drive. We know the challenges of starting and scaling a business and the barriers that there can be, so this role would be a good fit for people who desire to bring their product to the community, though are less keen on having to take on the responsibility of business administration and financing. 

If you are interested in partnering us on a new venture, please reach out to with whatever you feel is relevant with the subject line of ‘Artisan’.