The Sunnyfields Partnership

The Sunnyfields Partnership

Sunnyfields was started more than 25 years ago and has in that time had many successes as well as some hard times. It was always the plan of Ian and Louise to do more than produce food, with backgrounds in teaching and overseas aid work they were never going to just do business for business sake. Making a money profit is a necessity but working with the environment and delivering a social profit has always been as important to Ian and Louise.

The Sunnyfields Partnership is their step from a family business started from nothing to becoming a people owned business, trading to deliver a sustainable food chain owned in a cooperative manner by as many people as possible – leading by example, showing that working together can deliver so many benefits to make the world we live in that little bit better – today and in the future.

The Sunnyfields Partnership will work at all levels with food at its core from production to processing to retailing. It will educate and inform, it will provide places for you to spend your leisure time, places to celebrate and all underpinned by the fact that by working together in a collaborative transparent manner we can all grow a business which is owned by you and working directly for you.

Who can get involved? Everyone, you might know Sunnyfields already or maybe not. If you are passionate about local food, food security, strong communities, sustainabilty, transparency and trust in business then we want you involved. This will start as a Hampshire initiative and hopefully grow to other parts of the UK.

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